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New Construction

Hattiesburg Construction gathers a team of experts, including engineers, designers, architects, and workmanship. We all have one goal- help you get a home you always wanted! Our designers work directly with homeowners to achieve the goal - providing you a home that suits your needs and reflects your style and wishes. We are here to transform your wishes into a viable building design.

Creating a Space to Fit Your Needs

Making a home from zero is a massive project and should be planned wisely. We would like to speak to you and your family first, consider your needs and ideas and find a solution that fits your needs and budget. Building a home by a well-prepared plan, made by trusted professionals is the most effective way to finish such an important job. Your home should be a place that serves you for years, a place where you and your family feel comfortable and where you enjoy spending your time.

Getting Everything You’ve Always Wanted

Building a new home gives you so many advantages. You get everything exactly the way you wanted. Your home becomes a true reflection of your style, it represents who you are and it sure becomes a place you and your family will love to spend time in for years!

Every Detail is Important

Everything from the foundation to the roof will be known to details. Every material, method, and technique that was used while building you'll know and that's what makes maintenance much simpler in the future then taking over somebody else's place you know nothing about

Home additions are also a part of construction work but require less work and time. Still, a wise thing to do is leave the job to professionals. There are numerous ways you can maximize your space using home addition services.

Add-Ons and Home Additions

Building an additional room on one side of your home is a great idea to expand your living space. It's a simple project when you leave it to experts. We are happy to help you make an addition to your home that will blend into it and become a valuable part of your living area. You can add another bedroom, bathroom or any other space your family needs. This is a great idea for a growing family.

Sunroom for Relaxing Summer Days

Sunrooms are usually pre-made constructions with large windows and they are just added to your existing place, on the sunny side of the house. They are not built for a whole year usage. People usually use it during the warm seasons as a place to relax, read books or drink coffee. You can spend your time with family there and we will help you design it and decorate it perfectly.

Our general contracting services include all stages of construction, from project scheduling, value engineering, permitting, estimating, planning and at the end, building. If you are searching for an innovative, modern yet reasonably priced solution for your future home, we will be happy to guide your way through the entire process of making an idea a reality.

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